A-Side Plus

A-Side Plus® coverage provides a simple, cost-effective solution to maximize protection for the bank’s directors and officers, when they need it most – when the bank is unable to provide indemnification, as in the case of certain shareholder suits, securities law violations, or bank insolvency.

Sample Endorsement
Coverage Summary

Claims Examples
  • Shareholder Derivative Actions: A bank’s stock price drops in value from $12 per share to $6 per share following a series of poor lending decisions by the president and senior lending officer. A shareholder derivative action is filed against management and the board alleging mismanagement and misrepresentation. Since the bank cannot provide indemnification for a derivative action, the claim is settled under Insuring Agreement A of the D&O policy.

  • Federal Securities Laws Violations: The board of a bank is sued in a shareholder action 18 months after the bank opened. The shareholders allege that the directors, officers and organizers of the institution made misleading statements in the prospectus about the bank’s business prospects, the nature and scope of operations and projected growth potential. The lawsuit also prompts an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since securities violations are involved, coverage available to the insureds could implicate Insuring Agreement A of the D&O policy.
  • Available as an endorsement to the D&O Policy.
  • A-Side Plus® provides a dedicated limit of liability to maximize protection.
  • A-Side Plus® coverage is non-rescindable.
  • Coverage provided for illegal profit allegations until final adjudication.



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