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WannaCry ransomware deadline passes, but few pay up. Criminals behind it have netted a relatively small amount of cash, May 2017

Cyber attack could spark lawsuits but not against Microsoft, May 2017

Ransomware: Your Money or Your Life. 9 Ransomware Defenses Thwart Cybercrime Scoundrels, Mathew J. Schwartz, May 2017

How to protect yourself from the global ransomware attacks, May 2017

Some oddities in the WannaCry ransomware are puzzling cybersecurity researchers, May 2017

December 2016, December 2016

Exclusive: FBI probes FDIC hack linked to China's military, December 2016

Cyber Insurance Now Critical as Data Breaches Wreak Havoc, December 2016

Hackers and passwords: Your guide to data breaches When companies tell you your data was stolen, it's not always clear what really happened. Here's what the terms mean., December 2016

Top 2017 Banking Trend Will Be Digital Momentum, December 2016

New York Rewriting Cybersecurity Rules After Banker Pushback, Penny Crosman, December 2016

Infobyte: As Debit Card Fraud Grows, The Kind that PINs Stop Makes Up a Smaller Share
ABA Banking Journal,, December 2016

Why the ATM Skimming Surge Will Continue in 2017, Tracy Kitten, December 2016

Commerce Secretary Calls for More Protections of Cybersecurity Info-Sharing.
ABA Banking Journal,, December 2016

November 2016

Report: European Banks Struck by ATM Jackpotting Attacks., November 2016

FS-ISAC Announces New Cyber Resilience Initiative.
ABA Banking Journal,, November 2016

Tech Can't Replace a Sales Call (Yet), But It Can Make One Better., November 2016

Visa Clarifies Merchants Have EMV Debit Routing Options.
What Are the Implications for Chip-and-PIN?., Tracy Kitten, November 2016

Cordray Signals Openness to Banks’ Perspective on ‘Screen Scraping’.
ABA Banking Journal,, November 2016

Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Use Not 'Truly' Voluntary., November 2016

ATM Attacks: Why We Must Remain Vigilant.
Fraudsters Are Increasingly Turning to Explosives to Steal ATM Cash ., November 2016

October 2016

Critics Blast New York's Proposed Cybersecurity Regulation., October 2016

Attackers 'Hack' ATM Security with Explosives.
As U.S. ATM Operators Face EMV Deadline, Physical Attacks Surge in Europe, October 2016

Akamai Warns of Account Takeovers Staged from Cameras, Routers, October 2016

September 2016

Most Americans Use Mobile Banking Monthly, September 2016

Is your security awareness training program working?, September 2016

Banks Tinker with Ways to Push Business Customers into Digital Era, September 2016

Rising cost of ransomware., September 2016

Gone phishing: CEO fraud costs companies millions., September 2016

SWIFT Discloses More Bank Thefts., September 2016

How Cyber Hygiene Away from Job Supports Workplace Security., September 2016

FFIEC issues revised IS booklet, part of the FFIEC IT Examination Handbook (IT Handbook)., September 2016

August 2016

U.S. banking regulators focused on cyber security after SWIFT attacks., August 2016

Banks Should Go Back to Basics on Cyber Defense, August 2016

FS-ISAC tabletop exercises scheduled for Sep. 20-21 and Sep. 27-28: Cyber-Attack Against Payment Systems, August 2016

Blockchain: What you need to know. 5 Q&As on leading-edge technology, August 2016

Threat to SMBs from ransomware on the rise, report, "Infection to Encryption in Three Seconds", August 2016

A Glimmer of Hope for Cyberthreat Data Sharing., Penny Crosman, August 2016

Report: SWIFT Screwed Up. Before Bangladesh Bank Heist, SWIFT Allegedly Overlooked Smaller Banks' Security., Mathew J. Schwartz, August 2016

Online Fraud Victims Need More Help from Banks to Recover., Penny Crosman, August 2016

What Bankers Should Know About Latest Nigerian Email Scam., Penny Crosman, August 2016

Social Media Plays Key Role in Bank Fraud. Interview with ABA's Jane Yao., August 2016

How Malware on Customer Devices Threatens the Bank., August 2016

Alan Brill discusses MasterCard's use of selfie technology to verify payments on NBC Nightly News., August 2016

July 2016

What We Learned from Banks about Merchant Data Breaches.
Georgia Bankers Association,, July 2016

Savvy Hackers Don't Need Malware. Report: Here's How Attackers Borrow Administrative Tools to Force Entry., Tracy Kitten, July 2016

Tech-Based Cybersecurity Can't Stop 'People Risk'., July 2016

Savvy Hackers Don't Need Malware. Report: Here's How Attackers Borrow Administrative Tools to Force Entry., July 2016

Lessons Pokémon Go can teach the banking industry., July 2016

Florida researchers claim to discover cure for the common ransomware., July 2016

SWIFT to Banks: Who You Gonna Call? Hackbusters Team Will Battle Bank Hackers, SWIFT Promises., Mathew J. Schwartz, July 2016

Hack Us and We'll Pay You: The Case for Using Bug Bounty Hunters., Penny Crosman, July 2016

Cybersecurity is everybody’s issue., July 2016

June 2016

Federal Agencies Release Ransomware Resources.
ABA Banking Journal, June 2016

Hackers Wanted (Must be Willing to Work at Bank)., Mary Wisnieski, June 2016

FBI Says Corporate Email "Impersonation" Scams Growing.
Wall Street journal, Angus Loten, June 2016

Improving Fraud Prevention After SWIFT-related Heists., Tracy Kitten, June 2016

Ransomware distributors evolving their delivery strategies.
SCMagazine, Greg Masters, June 2016

FBI: Email Scams Take $3.1 Billion Toll on Businesses.
Kaspersky Lab,, June 2016

Hackers Found Selling Access to 70,000 Company Computer Systems., Ilya Khrennikov, Bloomberg, June 2016

Small Banks Find Strength in Numbers with Anti-Fraud Network., Bryan Yurcan, June 2016

Here's Why Cybersecurity Should be a Key Part of M&A Due Diligence., Ray Rothrock, June 2016

Banking Cybercrimes Confronted by "Case Management Cops"., Michelle Harbinak Shapiro, Onbase by Hyland, June 2016

Gartner: DDoS Defenses have been Backsliding but Starting a Turnaround., Gartner Summit 2016, June 2016

Three Ways to Thwart Hackers' Attempts at Persuasion., Jay McLaughlin, June 2016

Will a Cyberattack Cause the Next Big Bank Failure?, Mitchell L. Glassman and Gordon L. Miller, June 2016

May 2016

SWIFT Warns Banks: Coordinated Malware Attacks Underway. Researchers Tie Bangladesh Bank Hack to Sony Breach., May 2016

FDIC Employee Took Big Banks' Living Wills on the Way Out. FDIC has since phased out use of removable media devices., May 2016

The Real Threat Anonymous Poses to Banks., Penny Crosman, May 2016

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking., Monica C. Meinert, April 2016

Anonymous Threatens Bank DDoS Disruptions. Follows Collective's 'Total War' Against Donald Trump., Mathew J. Schwartz, May 2016

Expert tips to avoid falling victim to ransomware., May 2016

SLIDESHOW: Who is a target for ransomware?, May 2016

Dridex Banking Trojan Makes a Resurgence, Targets US., Tracy Kitten, May 2016

Seeking a SWIFT Malware Attack Antidote. Here's Why Manual Oversight Is No Wire Transfer Security Panacea., Mathew J. Schwartz, May 2016

PCI-DSS Update: 5 New Requirements for Service Providers. Multifactor Authentication Requirements Also Expanded in Version 3.2., Tracy Kitten, May 2016

April 2016

Why ERISA fiduciaries need to be concerned about cybersecurity., Apr. 2016

The $81M International Cyberheist — What Happened, How and What It Means., Penny Crosman, Apr. 2016

Verizon releases 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report., Apr. 2016

Where Banks Are Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks Now., Penny Crosman, Apr. 2016

OCC issues bulletin regarding data deletion/encryption inconsistent with data retention and availability expectations., Apr. 2016

Bangladesh Bank hackers compromised SWIFT software, warning to be issued., Apr. 2016

U.S. Migration to EMV Drives CNP Fraud to Alarming High., Apr. 2016

Cybercrime Gang Tied to 20 Million Stolen Cards. FireEye: Group Excels at Bringing Fresh Data to Market Quickly., Mathew J. Schwartz, Apr. 2016

Weekly Infobyte: Seven in 10 Mobile Banking Users Believe Transactions are Safe., Apr. 2016

Jigsaw Ransomware Adds Insult to Injury. "Saw"-Themed Malware Deletes Encrypted Files While Users Watch., Mathew J. Schwartz, Apr. 2016

FBI Cyberalert Regarding Ransomware., Apr. 2016

'Black Box' ATM Attacks: An Emerging Threat. Alerts About Resurgence in Europe Raise Concerns in U.S.., Tracy Kitten, Apr. 2016

Hackers show 60 Minutes how they were able to listen in on phone calls, track movements with only a cellphone number., 60 Minutes feature, Apr. 2016

P.F. Chang's Ruling: Is the Tide Shifting? Sizing Up the Impact of Court Decision on Post-Breach Class Action Lawsuit., Tracy Kitten, Apr. 2016

Why GozNym Is Worse for Banks than the Average Malware., Penny Crosman, Apr. 2016

FBI Issues Warnings on Ransomware and Business E-Mail Scams., Apr. 2016

Banks, Credit Unions Hit in $4M Cybertheft: IBM., Apr. 2016

Eastern European Cyber Crooks Raid US Banks For $4 Million In Just 3 Days., Apr. 2016

What Banks Can Learn from the FDIC Data Breach., Penny Crosman, Apr. 2016

Ransomware: Is It Ever OK to Pay?, Mathew J. Schwartz, Apr. 2016

The Growing Threat of Ransomware, Brian Heater, Apr. 2016

‘Inadvertent’ cyber breach hits 44,000 FDIC customers., Joe Davidson, Apr. 2016

Four Steps Even Small Lenders Can Take to Prepare for Cyberattacks., Kevin Wack, Apr. 2016

Weekly Infobyte: Mobile Payment Adoption Levels Off for Millennials, Gen X., Apr. 2016

Faster Payments: Mitigating the Fraud Risks. Federal Reserve to Scrutinize Tech Solutions Submitted from Private Sector., Tracy Kitten, Apr. 2016

ATM Compromises in US Jumped Six-Fold in 2015, FICO Reports., Apr. 2016

Ransomware epidemic could become historic crime spree, warns alert., Apr. 2016

March 2016

Ransomware Epidemic Prompts FBI Guidance. Cyberattacks Are Hitting All Sectors, Including Government., Tracy Kitten, Mar. 2016

OCC issues alert about fraudulent correspondence., Mar. 2016

FBI wants U.S. businesses to help as cyber extortion gains urgency., Mar. 2016

Detecting Anomalous Network Behavior. Live Oak Bank CIO Thomas Hill Discusses Defenses., Mar. 2016

Link cyber and anti-money laundering units, but do not combine them — experts., Brett Wolf, Mar. 2016

Companies being tricked into wire transfers, Cleveland FBI says., Theresa Dixon Murrary, Mar. 2016

The ATM Industry Association Publishes Futuristic Report on Cloud ATMs.
ATM Industry Association,, Mar. 2016

Why EMV-Compliant ATMs Need Anti-Skimming Technology.
ATM Industry Association,, Mar. 2016

Survey: One in 10 Mobile Banks Offer Fingerprint Authentication.
ABA Banking Journal, Mar. 2016

Case Study: A Community Bank Deploys Biometrics Leveraging Smartphones' Fingerprint Readers for Authentication., Tracy Kitten, Mar. 2016

Top 10 Community Bank IT Projects., Mar. 2016

Attack campaign uses keylogger to hijack key business email accounts. Companies from 18 countries were targeted with the Olympic Vision keylogger, researchers warn., Mar. 2016

Merchants Ask Court for Relief from EMV Liability Shift. Two Retailers Say They Face Unfair Fraud Expenses Despite EMV Investments, Tracy Kitten, Mar. 2016

Cyber Storm V: Testing the Nation’s Ability to Respond to Significant Cyber Incidents
Dept. of Homeland Security,, Mar. 2016

Bank-Hacking Gang Dridex Ramps Up, Branches into Ransomware, Penny Crosman, Mar. 2016

Cyberthreat Information Sharing Privacy Concerns Raised. DHS Assessment Identifies Shortcomings in Automated Info Sharing Initiative, Mar. 2016

FDIC Releases Consumer Cybersecurity Guide, Mar. 2016

FBI Warning: Ransomware Is Surging., Mar. 2016

Authentication, Strengthened and Simplified, Mar. 2016

DHS Kicks Off Cybersecurity Exercise, Mar. 2016

February 2016

Banking Trojans Expand Their Reach. New Botnet Targets Include App Stores, Shipping Organizations, Many Others, Tracy Kitten, Feb. 2016

CyberSecurity Experts Warn of Acecard Malware Targeting Android Banking Apps, Feb. 2016

Card-Free ATMs: No More Skimming? Experts Debate Security Merits of New ATMs for U.S. Institutions, Tracy Kitten, Feb. 2016

Carbanak and beyond: banks face new attacks, Feb. 2016

Skimmers Hijack ATM Network Cables, Brian Krebs, Feb. 2016

Safeway Self-Checkout Skimmer Close Up (with pictures), Brian Krebs, Feb. 2016

Should Banks Expect New Cybersecurity Guidance? Experts Say FDIC Publication Suggests No Formal Action Coming, Tracy Kitten, Feb. 2016

ABA Banking Journal Weekly Infobyte: Customers Want Banks, Retailers to Share Data Protection Standards, Feb. 2016

Carbanak Hackers Targeting Banks Again, Security Pros Say, Penny Crosman, Feb. 2016

ABA: Banks Thwarted 85 Percent of Fraud Attempts in 2014, Feb. 2016

How Vulnerable Is Payments System to a Nation-State Attack?, Penny Crosman, Feb. 2016

Are Retailers Improving Cybersecurity?, Tracy Kitten, Feb. 2016

Latest FDIC "Supervisory Insights" covers Cybersecurity., Feb. 2016

January 2016

"Internet of Things" Raises Big Ethical Questions for Banks., Shahrukh Tarapore, Jan. 2016

ABA: Fraud Losses Are Up - But Don't Blame Banks. New Study Pins Increase on Surge in Third-Party Breaches., Tracy Kitten, Jan. 2016

Cyber security: Are you cyber resilient? (You better be)., Jan. 2016

Cyber Extortion: Fighting DDoS Attacks. How to Defend Against the Surge in Shakedowns., Mathew J. Schwartz, Jan. 2016

Consumers Use Mobile Banking But Don't Trust It, with Reason., Penny Crosman, Jan. 2016

BankNews FREE WEBINAR 2/18/16: Mitigating Password Risk to Reduce Your Chances of a Data Breach., Jan. 2016

Android Mobile Banking Malware Risk Worsens. Why Mobile Banking Apps Need Stronger Authentication., Tracy Kitten, Jan. 2016

Special Report: Identifying Malicious Insiders. New Tools to Automate the Detection of Insider Threats., Eric Chabrow, Jan. 2016

Will FFIEC Revamp Cyber Assessment Tool? Agency Solicits Comments; Critics Urge Changes., Tracy Kitten, Jan. 2016

Ransomware a Threat to Cloud Services, Too., Jan. 2016

Report: Mobile Banking Users Outpace Branch Customers in 2015., Jan. 2016

I believe in cybercrime unicorns., Mathew J. Schwartz, Jan. 2016

Five myths of online account opening., Jan. 2016

FFIEC Cyber Tool Needs Urgent Revamp. Tool Fails to Adequately Assess Banks' Cybersecurity Risks., Tracy Kitten, Jan. 2016

Cybersecurity Legislation Stalks Bank Directors., BAI Banking Strategies, Jan. 2016

Lessons from ATM Fraud Ring Arrests. European Crime Gang Busted for 'Jackpotting' Attacks., Tracy Kitten, Jan. 2016

Are you ready for the cybersecurity challenges of 2016., Penny Crosman, Jan. 2016

FS-ISAC Member Newsletter, Jan. 2016

December 2015

Proposed Cybersecurity Disclosure Act Shows Deep Misunderstanding of the Role of the Board of Directors., Dec. 2015

BITS President: Cyber Guidance Confuses CISOs. Chris Feeney on Why Regulators, Agencies Need to Avoid Conflicting Advice., Tracy Kitten, Dec. 2015

Congress Just Abandoned Data Privacy, But Banks Can Restore It., Dec. 2015

Cyber angst to rise in 2016., John Ginovsky, Dec. 2015

The weakest link in banks' fight against hackers., Dec. 2015

In EMV Debate, Chip Matters More than Anything Else., Dec. 2015

Skimmers Found at Some Calif., Colo. Safeways., Dec. 2015

Banks told to get tough on cybersecurity in 2016., Dec. 2015

Dept. of Homeland Security's National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services (NCATS) program., Dec. 2015

Your Bank's Website Is About to Change, and That's Great for Your Cybersecurity. .bank will soon make .com obsolete for bank websites..
The Motley Fool, Dec. 2015

November 2015

Don’t get visually hacked. Visual privacy vulnerabilities provide entry points to sensitive data in financial services., Dan Burks, U.S. Bank, Nov. 2015

Banks face brunt of cyber threat. Treasury official calls on financial system to beef up security., John Ginovsky, Nov. 2015

5 ways to fight cyber attacks. FS-ISAC warns banks to prep for destructive attempts., Nov. 2015

Business Email Compromise Attacks Rapidly Evolving. PhishLabs' Opacki Says Sophisticated Schemes Targeting Smaller Businesses., Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

Threat of cyber attacks could now affect Moody’s ratings., Nov. 2015

Report: Insiders Still Top Breach Threat. Experian's Michael Bruemmer Offers 2016 Breach Forecast., Nov. 2015

Mobile Banking Expanded 29 Percent in One Year at Community Banks, Nov. 2015

Mobile RDC Study Reveals Rapid Adoption, Surprisingly Low Risk, Nov. 2015

In the Fight Against Fraud, Strong Leadership is Key
ABA Banking Journal,, Nov. 2015

Retailers Scrambling Against Latest Credit Card-Stealing Malware, Nov. 2015

What is 'Sleeper Fraud,' And Why Must Banks Beware? LexisNexis' Shelton on Emerging First-Party Fraud Trend and its Impact, Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

The FDIC has added cybersecurity awareness resources for banks, including a video and vignettes for the Cyber Challenge--exercises intended to encourage discussions of operational risk issues and the potential impact of IT disruptions on common banking functions, Nov. 2015

Why the Internet of Things Should Be a Bank Thing., Nov. 2015

Experts: Why CNP [Card-Not-Present] Fraud is Up 30%. EMV, Credential Compromises Fuel Ecommerce Fraud., Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

Why Fraudsters Have Shifted to 'Shimming' Attacks. In Post-EMV World, Unattended Terminals are New Targets., Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

Why Fraudsters Have Shifted to 'Shimming' Attacks. In Post-EMV World, Unattended Terminals are New Targets., Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

Waging cyber crime war. BAI Retail Delivery coverage: Preparing for cyber battles inside your bank., Nov. 2015

Ransomware Now Gunning for Your Web Sites., Brian Krebs, cyber security expert, Nov. 2015

Why Banks Need to Prepare for More Chase-Like Breaches. Javelin's Pascual Predicts Many More Sophisticated Attacks Are Likely., Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

FFIEC Updates Cybersecurity Expectations for Boards, Tracy Kitten, Nov. 2015

he FBI says you may need to pay up if hackers infect your computer with ransomware, Nov. 2015

Careful with Windows 10 out of the box. Consumer-side enhancements could prove troublesome for bank adopters—proceed carefully, Nov. 2015

The Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council (FSSCC) has released an Automated Cybersecurity Assessment Tool., Nov. 2015

10 reasons why phishing attacks are nastier than ever.
Roger A. Grimes,, Nov. 2015

Refined Ransomware Streamlines Extortion. New CryptoWall, Crypto Tricks and Leak Threats.
Mathew J. Schwartz,, Nov. 2015

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool Helps Combat Risk.
Debra Cope, ABA Banking Journal, Nov. 2015

Experts: DDoS, Extortion Fuel New Attacks on Banks.
Tracy Kitten,, Nov. 2015

Data Governance: A Regulatory and Business Imperative
Timothy R. Burniston, ABA Banking Journal, Nov. 2015

Malware Used to Launch DDoS Attacks. Attackers Compromise High-Bandwidth MySQL Servers., Nov. 2015

FS-ISAC Member Newsletter November 2015, Nov. 2015

Cyber insurance coverage, its value, limitations and exclusions. Highlights from Advisen Cyber Risk Insights Conference, Nov. 2015

FFIEC issues statement alerting banks to the increasing frequency, severity of cyber attacks involving extortion., Nov. 2015

October 2015

Cyber attacks drive insurance purchases in early 2015--S&P warns that banks could run risk of credit ratings downgraded if unprepared for a cyber incident., Oct. 2015

Replace Those Aging Core Systems Now
BankThink,, Oct. 2015

US-Cert Alert: Dridex P2P Malware distributed through phishing emails
US Computer Emergency Readiness Team,, Oct. 2015

Why ATM Fraud Will Continue to Grow: U.S. Migration to EMV Will Spur New Attacks Against Self-Service Channels)
Tracy Kitten,, Oct. 2015

2015 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey: Checks remain most-often target for fraud attacks
Assn. for Financial Professionals,, Oct. 2015

ABA: Bankers Working with Small Businesses to Protect Customers, Oct. 2015

EMV Chip-Card Transition Is Not Silver Bullet, Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Require Multi-Tiered Approach, Oct. 2015

Federal Cybersecurity Strategy Revised. 30-Day Sprint Leads to New Information Security Implementation Plan, Oct. 2015

Capital One Launches SwiftID, A Way To Bypass Security Questions With Just A Swipe., Oct. 2015

FS-ISAC Member Newsletter October 2015, Oct. 2015

Dollar Bank Adopts a New Internet Domain --, Oct. 2015

Dridex Malware Campaign Disrupted. $40 Million Botnet Disrupted, Oct. 2015

Major Cybersecurity Bill (Finally) Clears Senate, Oct. 2015

Why the ABA Got Hacked and What It Means for Banks, Oct. 2015

Each October, we're reminded that securing cyberspace is a shared responsibility.
National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Oct. 2015

The $98.6 Billion E-Mail, Oct. 2015

Experian, ABA Breached; 15M Consumers, 6,400 Bankers Affected, Oct. 2015

A Conversation with the Comptroller (of the Currency Thomas Curry), Oct. 2015

SEC Push on Cybersecurity Focuses on Risk Assessment, Oct. 2015

Free Resources Available for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Sep. 2015

September 2015

Meet GreenDispenser: A New Breed of ATM Malware (, Sep. 2015)

Hackers to Bankers: Pay Up or We Attack Your Website (, Sep. 2015)

Malware Warning: Banks, Customers, ATMs Under Fire (, Sep. 2015)

Attackers go on malware-free diet (, Sep. 2015)

EMV LIABILITY SHIFT: Why it Pays to Adopt New Technology (, Sep. 2015)

How the FBI Helped Recover Millions from Wire Fraud (, Sep. 2015)

When Cyber Fraud Hits Businesses, Banks May Not Offer Protection (, Sep. 2015)

EMV: Why U.S. Will Miss October Deadline (Tracy Kitten,, Sep. 2015)

DDoS for Extortion: How to Fight Back, (Tracy Kitten,, Sep. 2015)

Sep. 2015 FS-ISAC Newsletter (

ABA's Doug Johnson to do Radio Tour on EMV Transition (, Sep. 2015)

FBI PSA: Internet of Things Poses Opportunities for Cyber Crime (FBI, Sep. 2015)

Could a Smartphone Camera Pierce Your Bank's Cybersecurity? (BankThink,, Sep. 2015)

Banks testing whether cellphones can speed up any transactions (The Columbus Dispatch,, Sep. 2015)

U.S. Households Worried About Smartphone Security, Report Says (, Sep. 2015)

BYOD is dead--long live CYOD (Lee Naik, Pulse Sep. 2015)