ABA Insurance Services is rolling out our P&C program nationwide

The ease and convenience of having all of your bank’s coverage under one roof
ABA Insurance Services is expanding our regional Property & Casualty insurance program to all states and offering more coverage options for banks. Endorsed by the American Bankers Association, our P&C program provides comprehensive insurance solutions by offering standard P&C products as well as specialized insurance markets for banks with unique coverage needs. Future plans include potential distributions to qualifying banks enrolled in our ABA-endorsed P&C program.

Program highlights

  • A blanket property limit of $1,000,000 can be applied on an excess basis to certain coverages;
  • Full property limits are provided for sewer/drain back-up and surface water runoff;
  • Flood and earthquake options are available;
  • The package policy can be endorsed to include foreclosed properties and Mortgage E&O and Impairment;
  • Force Placed/Foreclosed Property and Mortgage E&O and Impairment are available as separate polices for broader or specialized coverage if needed;
  • $1,000,000 limit is provided for damage to premises rented to Insured;
  • Repossesssed auto coverage (liability/physical damage) is available; and 
  • Foreclosed properties are covered under the Umbrella if covered under the General Liability.
  • Rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best, Everest is admitted in all 50 states and has been writing P&C since 1995.

More coverage specific information is available on our Property & Coverage coverage summary.

Our program provides an underwriting team dedicated solely to P&C
Working alongside our professional liability/bond underwriters, our experienced P&C underwriting team is dedicated solely to managing the P&C program and providing P&C coverage solutions best suited for your bank. See who you may already know:

Your P&C Team at ABA Insurance Services