Broad Form Company Liability

Broad Form Company Liability covers the financial institution for all of the Professional Services it offers including, but not limited to, depositor liability, lender liability, securities liability, and insurance and brokerage services liability. It also covers suits brought by parties other than customers (third party liability).

Sample Endorsement
Coverage Summary

Claims Examples
  • A depositor’s investment advisor embezzles hundreds of thousands of dollars after a bank officer wrongfully permits a signature card to be removed from the bank. The depositor sues the bank and its officers.
  • An investor advances money to a local company in reliance on a bank’s representations that the company is financially sound, but experiencing a short term cash crunch. When the company defaults, the investor sues the bank.
  • Shareholders of a bank sue another bank for terminating merger discussions after months of negotiations.
  • Available as an endorsement to the D&O Policy.
  • Depositor liability claims can result from a bank honoring instruments with improper endorsements, erroneous asset transfers, and general account errors. 
  • Lender liability coverage provides protection from suits brought by borrowers, guarantors and non-customer third parties. 
  • Securities liability coverage protects the bank from individual shareholder lawsuits, class action litigation and regulatory actions.
  • Third party liability coverage protects the institution from third party lawsuits stemming not only from customer relationships, but also from non-customer relationships such as other banks, vendors, business partners, etc.

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