How to Quote

Feb 1, 2021, 14:30 PM
Title : How to Quote
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For Progressive Appointed Agents

Progressive appointed agents can access ProCision through by selecting "Manage Policies" » "EPLI, NPDO, Cyber and More" » "Continue". If you do not have a Progressive appointment, contact us at or 800-274-5222 to get appointed.


1. START A QUOTE - Click "I want to quote" then choose your product.

2. ANSWER RATING QUESTIONS - Minimal information is required to quote.

3. SELECT COVERAGE OPTIONS - Create up to three quotes by selecting different coverage options and policy limits/retentions.

4. BIND AND PAY ONLINE - If you received a premium, the quote is bindable. Online payments are accepted.


All other Agents

If you are not a Progressive appointed agent and do not have access to FAO, please contact ABA Insurance Services at 800-274-5222 or for assistance.