Crime Insurance

Are your small business clients receiving adequate protection?


When it comes to fighting fraud, many small businesses face an uphill battle.

  • Small businesses are the most common victims of fraud accounting for 38% of all cases. 

  • Small businesses feel the impact of fraud losses more than larger organizations sustaining median loss of $150,000 with 23.2% of fraud losses totaling $1 million or more. 

  • Small businesses are less likely to detect occupational fraud by a tip. 

  • Common fraud schemes plaguing small businesses include billing fraud, check tampering, expense reimbursement, cash embezzlement, and payroll fraud. 

ABA Insurance Services offers a streamlined crime insurance solution tailored to help protect small businesses with up to 250 employees.




  • Competitive rates specific to small business exposures: 
    • Minimum premium starting at $300. 
  • Our industry recognized outstanding underwriting expertise and claims service backing it all.
  • Limits available up to $1 million. 
  • Broad appetite with few restricted classes.
  • ERISA coverage included. 
  • Comprehensive crime insurance coverage in comparison to limited coverage typically found within package policies.


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