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    The importance of a company employee handbook

    Having an employee handbook helps build and foster relationships amongst employees, managers and owners, and is one of the most important steps for a thriving business.

    Know Your Cyber Threats

    Every business that uses the Internet, accepts credit cards, or uses a system network should be aware of these prevalent dangers that can threaten your business.

    Workforce Working Remotely? Cybersecurity Tips to Help Protect Your Organization

    Remote worksites increase the cyber risk to organizations, as online communication makes it easier for cyber criminals to initiate social engineering schemes. Check out these tips to help protect your organization.

    Steps to encourage a harassment-free work environment

    Workplace harassment takes on many forms, making it difficult to tell the difference between normal office banter and offensive or unlawful behavior. Most of us agree that we want our workplace to have a friendly and enjoyable environment. There are some practical steps a business owner or manager can take to encourage a harassment-free environment and protect the company from claims and lawsuits.
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    #MeToo and You--The Movement's Impact in the Workplace

    The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements demonstrate that sexual harassment is no longer tolerated or ignored. Employers should look to improve their culture, review policies, and ensure a harassment-free workplace for everyone.

    Transgender in the workplace

    Given the EEOCs heighten focus on transgender issues and the increase in administrative claims, an influx of private lawsuits is sure to follow. It is important to have an anti-discrimination/harassment policy that includes gender identity and sexual orientation in conjunction with an EPL policy to mitigate exposure in a claim.