American Bankers Mutual Insurance (ABMI)


American Bankers Mutual Insurance, Ltd. (ABMI) is a Bermuda-based reinsurer for the ABA Insurance Services financial institutions program. ABMI is mutually owned by members of the American Bankers Association (ABA) that purchase D&O, financial institution bond, cyber liability, and P&C coverage that ABMI reinsures. ABMI has declared 34 consecutive distributions to financial institutions, with a cumulative total of $100.8 million. 


For Bankers by Bankers

The company is governed by a board of directors composed of current and former bank executives and insurance professionals. These seasoned bankers have firsthand knowledge of the challenges in the industry and understand what banks need from an insurance program. The invaluable insight they provide sets the tone for the ongoing success of the program.


About the ABMI Distribution (pdf)

2023 ABMI Distribution: $3.5 million declared, surpassing $100 Million

2022 ABMI Annual Report (pdf)

2021 ABMI Annual Report (pdf)

2020 ABMI Annual Report (pdf)